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Employment Testing Checkpoint 360 Degree

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Checkpoint is a powerful professional development tool, designed to positively impact a manager's growth and career, and an organization's success.  For managers, supervisors and others in a leadership position, it facilitates peak performance that generates improved productivity in the workplace.  Best of all, you use it on the Internet.  View Specification Sheet.

Checkpoint quantifies management competencies, verifies the results from a variety of perspectives and identifies ways to enhance skills.  For one individual or for every leader in the organization, Checkpoint is an ongoing process that can be used at key intervals to monitor the progress of professional growth.

Chart The Course For Management Development,

Leadership Development and Professional Development

The Profiles Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback™ is used for management training, performance appraisal, professional development and leadership development.  It is a 360 degree feedback (multi rater feedback) that provides managers and leaders with an opportunity to receive an employee performance evaluation from the people around them - their boss, their peers, and the people whose work they supervise.  Two bosses are allowed for matrix organizations.  From this 360 feedback, managers can compare the opinions of others with their own perceptions, positively identify their strengths, and pinpoint the areas of their job performance that could be improved.

The Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback System Includes:

1.  The Survey

Measuring 70 factors crucial to effect job performance, this multi-source performance appraisal is both clear and concise.  With its easy-to-follow directions, our 360 feedback requires no special training for administration and use.  The assessment process is concerned with a manager's job performance in eight skill clusters and 18 universal core competencies as follows:



bullet Leadership

          ●  Listens To Others

          ●  Instills Trust

          ●  Processes Information

          ●  Provides Direction

          ●  Communicates Effectively

          ●  Delegates Responsibility
bullet Adaptability
bullet Relationships
          ●  Adjusts To Circumstances           ●  Builds Personal Relationships
          ●  Thinks Creatively           ●  Facilitates Team Success
bullet Task Management
bullet Production
          ●  Works Efficiently           ●  Takes Action
          ●  Works Competently           ●  Achieves Results
bullet Development of Others
bullet Personal Development
          ●  Cultivates Individual Talents           ●  Displays Commitment
          ●  Motivates Successfully           ●  Seeks Improvement

2.  The Feedback Report

The comprehensive 4-color Checkpoint 360 degree feedback report presents results that are easily read and understood.  Managers can increase self-awareness, compare perceptions from different work place sources, measure performance in relation to goals, clarify the expectations of others, and prioritize management development needs.  An excellent coaching tool, the Checkpoint Report provides a balanced picture with valuable insights.  Confidentiality is assured.

3.  The Development Planner

The most valuable section of the Checkpoint Report contains targeted training and development suggestions keyed to giving the manager specific recommendations for improving performance.

Good managers want to increase their effectiveness, but may lack the information necessary for optimizing their training and learning opportunities.  This section removes all ambiguity and presents a clear plan for filling the gaps in a manager's knowledge, skills and professional development.

Checkpoint Benefits


Learn how a variety of others in the organization view their performance.

Take advantage of the information by instituting a positive action plan.

Make continuous improvements to maximize potential.


Use results to help plan employee training and learning opportunities.

Make their coaching more focused and effective.

Provide performance appraisals that go beyond their personal perspective.

Direct Reports and Peers:

Get more involved in initiating constructive change in the workplace.

  Become more team-oriented through involvement in the assessment process.

  Experience increased job satisfaction.

The Organization:

Aligns professional development with the organization's objectives.

Operates in an environment of higher morale and increased commitment to excellence.

Translates the increase in professional skills to an increase in productivity.

Easy to Administer

Each respondent completes an evaluation, a process that takes about 20 minutes.  They are guaranteed anonymity (except for the "Boss" or "Bosses") and urged to be honest and objective in their responses.  Respondents complete their assignments via the Internet.  Results from all respondents are quickly compiled in reports that are returned to the participant and manager.

Once the participant has completed the Checkpoint, they can optionally create a thorough well-developed plan of action by using the SkillBuilder.


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