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New Sales Assessment

Our new Sales Assessment is a blend of the widely used Profile XT™ and Sales Indicator™.  It is a comprehensive assessment used for selecting, training and coaching salespeople.  Check it Out


New Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement refers to the degree to which employees connect with their work and feel commited to their organization and its goals  Check it Out

New WorkForce Compatibility

When people become more knowledgeable about each other's uniqueness, differences and areas in common, compatibility increases.  More work gets accomplished.  Greater engagement results in increased productivity.  Check It Out

New Applicant Management System

Our new Applicant Management System, ProfilesEasy™, provides organizations with an easy-to-use online application processing system that allows applicant evaluation and assessment, qualification review and candidate selection.  Check It Out

New Enhanced Performance Indicator Reports

The Performance Indicator now includes a graph in the management Report and reports on a new dimension...Adapting to Change.  In addition the new reports are easier to read.  Check It Out

Informative Newsletters

Past issues of our informative newsletters are available.  Check It Out

"Testing And Assessment:

An Employer's Guide To Good Practices"

Employment Testing Department Of LaborThe United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration has released a document (manual) to help managers and Human Resource (HR) professionals use assessment practices that are the right choice for reaching their organizations' goals.  To download this manual, click on the hyperlink below.

We are proud to tell you that all of our products meet & even exceed the U.S. Department Of Labor standards.

Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide To Good Practices

(This download consists of 81 pages.)

Note:   You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader application installed on your system.  For help on obtaining this free software, click here.



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