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Employment Testing Background Checks

Reduce Your Risk!             Protect Your Assets!

How Do You Get the Information You Need to Protect Your Business from Liability?

See the Description & Reports          Explanation of Services          Are You An Employer at Risk?

Profiles' Employee Background Check™ services is your convenient source for the information you must have before you can make prudent hiring decisions.  According to a number of studies conducted in the human resource industry, inaccurate or fraudulent claims of competence appear in 80% of resumes.  Unless you take steps to check references and verify resume data, you could be deceived.

Employee Background Check™ Services Include:

   Credit Reports

   Verification of Past Employment

   Educational Credentials Verification

   Social Security Verification

   Criminal History Reports

   Driving Record Reports

   Drug Screenings

   Civil Litigation Records

For your protection, Employee Background Check services are confined to careful searches of legally available public records.  There is never an invasion of a prospective employee's privacy rights.

You will be provided with instructions and forms that protect you from any liability in connection with the gathering of information.  As an employer, you are entitled to know who you are hiring before you tender a job offer.  Additionally, you are legally obligated to know the backgrounds of the people you hire.  Failure to conduct thorough background checks puts you and your company at risk, creating a negligent hiring liability that can threaten the future of your business.

Although you carry business liability insurance, you should be aware that many policies do not cover negligent hiring.  Before assuming your insurance would protect you, check with your agent.  You will likely discover that Employee Background Check service is your best, most economical protection.

See the Description & Reports           Explanation of Services          Are You An Employer at Risk?

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