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Win Customers For Life!

Do Your Employees and Job Candidates Have the Aptitude and Attitude For Exceptional Customer Service?

What Does Exceptional Customer Service Do For You?

   Keeps customers with you longer

   Gives you an advantage over competitors

   Increases customer purchases in size and frequency

   More customer referrals and recommendations to new customers

   Builds your business reputation; reduces complaints and problems

   Saves resources - It cost five to ten times as much to get a new customer than it does to keep a customer

   Satisfied customers often offer suggestions for making your organization better.  By reducing customer defections, you can boost profits by 25% or more

Customer satisfaction keeps your customers coming back and buying from you again and again.  When everybody in your company is capable of providing effective customer service, your customers enjoy positive experiences whenever they interface with your people.  View Specification Sheet.

Satisfied customers are priceless assets on which to build a successful business, yet many companies place more emphasis on selling to new customers than servicing current ones.  While the value of attracting new business cannot be discounted, it is equally important and cost effective to grow your business by serving your existing customers.

Extensive research has identified eight specific behavioral characteristics and proficiencies essential to extraordinary customer service.  Profiles Customer Service Profile assesses your job candidates and employees to see how they score in each of these important areas.

Elements of Extraordinary Customer Service


Communication Skills


Problem Solving Skills













Additionally, you customize the Customer Service Perspective section of the assessment and define fifty aspects of great customer service as they apply to your business.  There are five different assessments, each customized for a different industry:

  1. Financial Services

  2. Hospitality Services

  3. Healthcare

  4. Retail

  5. General Customer Service

Using Profiles Customer Service Profile can impact your business in many positive ways.  When used with your existing employees, it will show you which of them has the attributes that make them "naturals" when it comes to customer service and which of them need to develop and polish their skills.

Start using Profiles Customer Service Profile and you will see how easy it is to use and how accurately it predicts which employees will be great with your customers.  And remember, you can assess your employees and job candidates 24/7 on the Internet and get results in minutes.

Customer Service Profile has three types of reports.

The CSP II Selection Report has a job match percentage that tells you how well job candidates measure up to your customer service standards and the degree of alignment between their customer service perspective and the specific expectations of your company.  It also has "Considerations for Interviewing".  Whenever a job candidate's score misses your customized Job Match Pattern, his or her report suggests interview questions to stimulate conversation regarding the issue in question.  This usually results in a better understanding of the company's customer position and effectively communicates the company's expectations and policies.

The CSP II Coaching Report identifies the areas where individualized training and coaching will effectively instill the customer service attitudes you want in all of your employees.

The CSP II Individual Report helps helps employees increase their awareness of their customer service skills or lack thereof.  It is a tool to help them become better employees and deliver the kind of customer service that contributes to the success of your business.

Customer Service Profile deserves to be an important part of your company's people development initiative.  It will enhance your company's reputation, productivity, profitability and future.

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