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A Complete Management Competency Development System

There are three components to our complete management competency development system.  These components are used together to provide individual managers and executive management the tools necessary to professionally develop effective and competent management teams.

Look At What It Will Do For You!

   Convey clear expectations for roles and levels of performance

   Provide more valid and uniform corporate planning data

   Link development activities to organizational goals

   Motivate employees to improve by providing specific guidelines for development

   Protect the morale of supervisors and subordinates alike by quantifying performance management

   Set expectations for current senior leaders and/or serve as development targets for those in the organization who aspire to become senior leaders in the future


Employment Testing Checkpoint 360 DegreeThe Checkpoint Management Development System starts with the Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback.  This is the perception of 8 core competencies consisting of of 18 management skills.  It is best to schedule two Checkpoints about 9 - 12 months apart to measure improvement over time.


Employment Testing Organizational ManagementAfter a group of managers have completed the Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback, executive management can receive an Organizational Management Analysis report.  It is a comprehensive report showing where training is needed and provides a "management culture" of the organization.


Employment Testing Management TrainingWhere managers need development, the SkillBuilder is used to help them with a development program.  It is an self-paced, interactive-based self-improvement program that does not require special training classes or time off from work.  This organized self-study method effectively promotes professional development.


Measure And Develop Managers To These Competencies:


Actively listens to the ideas and concerns of others.  Analyzes information from varying perspectives, establishes the pivotal element of an issue, and reaches a logical conclusion through the process.  Expresses ideas clearly, concisely, directly and willingly.

   Listens to Others:  Encourages others to share their ideas and concerns.  Listens openly to all viewpoints without interrupting.  Summarizes information and verifies understanding.

   Processes Information:  Gets to the point.  Evaluates the pros and cons as well as the short and long-range consequences of decisions.  Develops logical, clear conclusions.

   Communicates Effectively:  Expresses self clearly, both in writing and in speaking.  Is thorough, yet concise, an is consistently straightforward.  Readily shares information with others.


Has built a solid foundation of trust by leading through example.  Clearly defines expectations and charts the course for successful implementation.  Delegates appropriately, empowering others to manage challenges.

   Instills Trust:  Can be trusted to keep promises and confidences.  Is honest and ethical.

   Provides Direction:  Establishes clear expectations and a manageable workload.  Plans the steps required to accomplish objectives, while keeping an overall vision.

   Delegates Responsibility:  Delegates appropriate jobs to appropriate people.  Empowers others to work and solve problems on their own.


Deals effectively with diverse work styles and in differing environments.  Adjusts constructively to setbacks and plans for change.  Encourages creativity, innovation and risk-taking.

   Adjusts to Circumstances:  Can Adjust to people's diverse work styles and to varying environments.  Deals with setbacks constructively and anticipates change.

   Thinks Creatively:  Brings an imaginative approach to the job, inspiring innovation, risk-taking and creative problem-solving.


Is sensitive to the feelings of others and contributes to a positive, cooperative workplace.  Capably resolves conflicts and builds consensus while formulating goals and maximizing use of team talent.

   Builds Personal Relationships:  Is considerate of other's feelings, shows freedom from unfair biases and is tactful when giving criticism.  Remains composed under stress.

   Facilitates Team Success:   Resolves conflicts fairly in a spirit of cooperation.  Builds consensus and leads team in setting appropriate goals.  Recruits effectively and uses talents of group wisely.

Task Management:

Uses technology, resources and time efficiently.  Learns quickly and applies current information to appropriate tasks.

   Works Efficiently:  Makes efficient use of current technology and wise use of outside resources.  Avoids procrastination and sets priorities.

   Works Competently:  Has mastered the fundamentals of the job.  Can quickly and competently apply new methods and new information to appropriate tasks.


Initiates action.  Is assertive and decisive.  Overcomes obstacles to achieve high-quality beneficial results.

   Takes Action:  Knows when the time is right to initiate action.  Handles problems with assertiveness and makes timely, firm decisions.

   Achieves Results:  Overcomes obstacles to achieve results and sets high standards for others that positively impact the organization.

Development of Others:

Coaches effectively and makes training available.  Provides timely, objective performance reviews.  Gives recognition to top-notch work and extra effort.  Is enthusiastic and promotes positive attitudes.

   Cultivates Individual Talents:  Is an effective coach and makes training available.  Provides objective performance feedback on a timely basis.

   Motivates Successfully:  Gives recognition to people who produce excellent work and give extra effort.  Has an enthusiastic attitude that positively affects others.

Personal Development:

Displays a high level of energy, persistence and a positive outlook.  Learns from mistakes and constructive criticism and continuously seeks ways to improve.

    Displays Commitment:  Maintains a high level of energy, perseveres and remains positive.

   Seeks Improvement:  Learns positive lessons from mistakes and constructive criticism.  Pursues resources to improve and develop professionally. Sets no limits on personal potential.


Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback     Organizational Management Analysis    Skill Builder Training

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