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Major Articles

April 2011 Why Smart Employees Underperform

From Our Clients

Feature Article: 7 Hazards to Avoid

Did You Know?

March 2011 Are You Maximizing the Potential of Your Frontline Managers?

Feature Article: Six keys to Unlocking the Potential of Frontline Managers

Feature Products: Profile XT and Profiles Managerial Fit

Case Study: Developing Successful Leaders


Did You Know?

February 2011 Profiles Honors 2010 Outstanding Clients

Leadership Charisma: You Can Be a Charismatic Leader

Feature Products: Profile XT

Feature Article: Assessments save you time and money

Case Study: Profiles. 2010 Outstanding Client

January 2011 Building Customer Loyalty

Featured Article: A Satisfied Customer is NOT always a Loyal Customer

Feature Products: Customer Service Profile and Profile XT

Case Study: Delivering World-Class Customer Service

December 2010 The Secret to Building Great Teams

Featured Article: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

Feature Products: Profiles Performance Indicator's Team Analysis Report

Case Study: Team Selling Increases Performance

October 2010 Tending to the Workforce

Top Ten Selection Best Practices

Profile XT in Use by a Sales Organization

High Unemployment Leads to High Expectations

Did You Know?

Managing Mankind: Coaching Difficult Managers

September 2010 Put Me In, Coach

Feature Article: Tools for Coaching Employees

Case Study: Developing Leadership with AECOM

Poor Coaching is a Losing Game

Did You Know?

Managing Mankind: Coaching for Improved Work Performance

August 2010 Making the Most of Your Investment

Feature Article: A Team of Assessments

Case Study: The Profile XT and Job Match Patterns Earns an A+

Did You Know?

Managing Mankind: The iPhone Wasn't Built in a Day

July 2010 Productivity: Engaged, Equipped and Beyond

Did You Know?

High Productivity May Cause Increase in Employment

Case Study: Creating Loans without Obstacles...Customers for Life

Managing Mankind: Three Ways to Ensure Employee Utilization

Feature Article: What is AMPC?

June 2010 The Road to Customer Loyalty: Paved with World Class Service

Did You Know?

Hiring on the Rise

Case Study: The Profile XT Spells Luxury for Rosewood

Managing Mankind: A toxic Problem Without a Plan

Feature Article: Retaining Customer Loyalty

May 2010 Going Nowhere Fast?  There's an Assessment for That

PPI's Team Analysis Turns Individuals into 'Invaluables'

Exercise Makes You Smarter:  5 Moves to a Brighter You

Managing Mankind:  Do Tiger's Troubles Trump Mickelson's Master Win?

HR Marketer News:  The Most Serious Threat to Employers in this Recession May be the End

Feature Article:  Predict Conflict with Employee and Team Assessments

April 2010 Remembering Jim Sirbasku

Product Focus: Saving Green Means Depending on More Than Luck

Did You Know?

HR Marketing News: Wellness Increases Creativity

Managing Mankind: And the Award Goes To...

Feature Article: Beyond the Resume - A look At Smart Hires

The Scoop: Sleep Starvation

March 2010 Identifying and Placing Superstars

Project Upgrade 2010: PXT is a Good First Step

Did You Know?

Hiring and Upgrading in 2010

Managing Mankind:  Pulling A Farve

Hiring Without Regrets

February 2010 All Four-Letter Words Are Not Bad

Did You Know?

Managing Mankind

What You Can Do About Stress

HR Marketer News

January 2010 Eight Questions for Customer-Facing Leaders

Case Study: How to Retain Employees with CSP

Pop Quiz

Getting to Know You

Becoming an Employee of Awesomeness

Use CSP to Keep Your Customers

December 2009 How to Increase the Numbers of Soaring Eagles

Pop Quiz

Checkpoint and Team Analysis Banish the "Nightmare Boss"

What Goes Around

November 2009 How Poor Managers Threaten Us

Pop Quiz

PPI & PWC: Two Assessments for a Shifting Landscape

Fire Em Up!

October 2009 America's "Most Productive" Thrive through Turmoil

A Snapshot of Success in the Insurance Industry

Pop Quiz: America's Most Productive

Finding the Integrity Bone with SOS II

How to Become an "Employer of Choice"

September 2009 Good Hiring Requires More than Good Luck

Case Study:  PXT and Healthcare Enrollment Specialists

Profiles Team Analysis™ = Group Harmony

Day Before Vacation

August 2009 How Long to Change a Light Bulb?

Case Study:  PXT and Job Fit at a University

Plan for Explosive Growth with PXT, PWC

Antelope and Chipmunks

July 2009 And the Silo Walls Come Tumbling Down

Case Study: PXT Helps Conquer Fear of Change is a Healthcare Organization

Pop Quiz:  How to Spot and Fix Manager Problems

100% Understanding with Checkpoint 360

Dare to Be Different

June 2009 America's Best Companies and how They Do It

PXT and Productivity: Matching Dollars to Good Sense

Essentials for the Productivity Toolkit

World-Class Salespeople

99% Success at VHI Healthcare

May 2009 Reorganize, Redeploy, Ready for Comeback

Case Study: Top Challenges for Texas Businesses, 2009

Happy Engagement with Workforce Analysis Profile™

Buried Treasures

April 2009 How to Make Every Hire Count

Pop Quiz:  Terminology Tester

Case Study:  PXT Helps Find Top Fire/Rescue Performers

PXT Tells Managers What They Need to Know

PXT Helps Idaho Agency Replace Boomers

March 2009 How to Keep the Customers You Have

What's Your Customer Service IQ?

Put Muscle into Customer Service with CSP

Talk 'Em Down!

February 2009 A New Year's Plan: To See Ourselves as Others See Us

Pop Quiz:  What Kind of Leader Are YOU?

Product Focus: Plan for the Future With Checkpoint 360

Checkpoint 360: See What People Are Saying

January 2009 Defining the Performance PREview

Pop Quiz:  What's Your Coaching I.Q.?

Product Focus:  Gifts with Year-Round Staying Power

Success Story:  PXT Helps Controlco Grow Successful Employees

December 2008 How to Fly Safely Through Turbulence

Test Your Knowledge about Workday Attitudes

Ending a Vicious Cycle with Workforce Compatibility

Strong Medicine for What Ails Us

Success Story - Celebrating Job Fit

November 2008 Get Your Scary Thrills at the Movies

10 Scary Hiring Practices

Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde in Your Office?

Scary Meetings End Here

Case Study - Sales Increase Scary Good with Profile XT™

Success Story - Profile XT™ Helps Recruit Doctors at Airrosti Center

October 2008 Taking Lessons from the Teacher

10 Things Good Leaders Do (And How They Do Them)

Delegate for Success

September 2008 Winning the Gold with Vision, Chemistry and Balance

Why Teams Lose (Even Teams with Talent)

Share the Vision with Profiles Team Analysis

Dream Team Coach Sees Life Beyond Basketball

August 2008 Coaching Through the Chaos of Stress

Stressing Over 'Failure to Communicate?'

Create a Climate of "Hearty Appreciation" at work

Day Before Vacation

July 2008 Getting to Know All About You

Profile XT Coaching Report: First, Envision What You Want

"Perform or Perish"

Case Study - Increasing Sales, Reducing Turnover with Profile XT

June 2008 Developing the Recession Proof Workforce

Two Products to Grow Your Workers - AND Your Business

The Sky is NOT Falling

Case Study - Profile XT Helps Healthcare Firm Enroll Top Performers

May 2008 When Are Assumptions Good?

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Where they Fit

What Goes Around

Case Study - PXT Helps Financial Firm Match Bankers to Job

April 2008 Coaching Early and Often

10 Steps to Effective Coaching

Is Your Team Lacking a Coach

Transforming a Culture through Coaching

Case Study - Profile XT™ Helps Healthcare Firm Gain Footing in Selecting Workers

March 2008 Crisp and Vivid High Def Customer Service

Do You Own or Rent Your Customers

New CSP Report Shines Light on What Customer Service Means

Case Study - Gaining Confidence with Profile XT™ Job Match

February 2008 Measuring Your Compatibility Quotient

Case Study - Profile XT Quiets Squeaky Wheel in Oilfield Service Company

Profiles Workforce Compatibility™: A Smooth Path between Manager, Worker

January 2008 Compilation of Case Studies...Awesome!

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