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Maps Your Organization's Path To A Prosperous Future

The Organizational Management Analysis is an  essential element of organizational development.  An OMA report presents a compilation of the information obtained from the individual Checkpoint results of a group of managers.  Delivered via the Internet, the report provides a factual summary of the perceptions of a management group with input from the manager's bosses, peers and direct reports.

The value of the Organizational Management Analysis is in providing a description of where are we now?  This has been described as "the fifth point of the compass".  The "fifth point" concept means successful management decisions regarding the direction to take a company must be predicated on knowing where you stand now.  False assumptions often lead to wasting time, effort and resources.  The OMA report is a guide to future development based on statistically accurate data.  When you know where you are and where you want to go, you can chart your course with confidence and certainty.

The Organizational Management Analysis process examines a company's culture and provides insights to the alignment of management groups with the company's goals and objectives.  This information is used to analyze the human capital aspects expectations associated with an organization's long-term strategic objectives.  The report also provides an analysis of organizational development priorities and defines organizational training needs.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

   Would you like to create a baseline measurement against which to track progress in organizational development activities?

   Do your managers and employees share your vision, mission and values for organizational success?

   Do you have a system to measure/quantify management effectiveness?

   Are your internal management practices in alignment with achievement of organizational goals or is there a negative correlation?

   Do the behavioral skills of supervisors contribute to a positive synergistic impact on performance for your company?

   Are you settling for too little productivity from your management team thus creating a negative profit impact?

Chances need an Organizational Management Analysis!


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