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Our Assessments Are Used By Companies In Many Industries:


Chrysler Corporation  l Ford Motor Company

General Motors Corp.  l Honda Motors


Banking, Investment & Insurance:

Aegis Lending  l Allstate Insurance

Chase Manhattan Mortgage

Cigna Employee Benefits Companies

Citibank  l Coldwell Banker

Guarantee Bank & Trust

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance

New York Life  l Sentry Insurance


Broadcasting, Media and Communications:

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

AT&T  l HBO  l New York Times  l Time Warner



Dale Carnegie Training

Texas State Technical College


Food & Beverage:

Applebee's Bar & Grill  l Campbell's Soup

Coca-Cola  l Kraft Foods  l McDonalds Restaurants

Southland Corporation  l Subway Sandwiches



NASA  l Ohio State Hwy. Patrol

U.S. Air Force  l U.S. Army  l U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Postal Service  l U.S. Navy


Merek Pharmaceuticals  l Quest Diagnostics  l Sutter Health

University of Texas at Houston Medical Center



Best Western  l Doubletree Inn

Embassy Suites  l Hilton Hotels  l Ramada Inns



BASF Systems  l Intel Corporation  l Johnson & Johnson

Motorola  l Proctor & Gamble  l Rockwell International

Toshiba  l Westinghouse  l Weyerhaeuser

Wilson Sporting Goods  l Xerox


Retail Merchandise:

Ace Hardware  l American Eagle Outfitters

Discount Auto Parts  l Lord & Taylor  l Sam's Club

ShopRite Grocery Stores  l Wal-Mart Stores

Wilson Leather



American Airlines  l AMTRAK  l Cutter Aviation, Inc.

Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc.  l Thrifty Car Rental



AAA Auto Club  l Bekins Van Lines  l Blockbuster

Federal Express  l Freightliner  l Interstate Van Lines

IKON Office Solutions l Jenny Craig International

Kinko's  l Terminex  l  United Freight Service, Inc.

US West


United Consumers CU

"I have been working in Human Resources for 14 years and thought I knew all there was to know, but I have been amazed at how Profiles makes my job so much easier.  Their online testing is a valuable recruitment/interviewing and coaching tool for a clear picture of which candidate will be the best fit with our organization while providing the backup documentation needed for the decision making process.  We use the coaching questions provided from the testing reports for interviews with candidates.  The questions are particularly valuable for second and third interviews.  With Profiles, I hire candidates with confidence.  The placement report and questions are insightful and relevant to each candidate.  I highly recommend Profiles to all HR Professionals." 



Employment Testing Clients (Freightliner)"Prior to using your instruments, our rate of retention was 3 out of 10 technicians.  It is now 7 out of 10 technicians...which has resulted in an additional 5 percentage points of gross profit, which for my department is well over $100,000 a year."


Pepsi-Cola Bottling

Employment Testing Clients (Pepsi Cola)"Your products help keep us focused on the job and help us save time by qualifying the candidates throughout the selection process."

"The Step One is a great tool and we are very confident in using it.  Our employees handle cash...their attitudes about the workplace, reliability and ethics can be measured and helps us determine who we might or might not interview"

"The Profiles assessment system has helped us establish a framework to quantify those skills, interests and abilities that we are seeking in the individuals that we hire.  The interview questions have been extremely helpful."


Valassis Communication

Employment testing Clients (Valassis)"Two years ago I started using these two tests in my hiring process.

At that time our turnover was 14%.  Our turnover rate now is 2.23%.  This has been an unprecedented change in our division!"



Employment Testing Clients (OCE)"...we have reduced our turnover from 44% to 28% in one year.  That is a 60% reduction in turnover.  This is approximately two million dollar savings to OCE.




Employment Testing Clients (McDonalds)"The Success Patterns generated by your studies prove to be very valuable, and certainly has helped us to focus on the important traits of our most successful managers.  The Profiles assessment system is an excellent tool for training and promoting employees as well as new hires."

"Gut instincts just aren't enough when promoting and selecting people for the responsibilities of management.  I can highly recommend the use of [your assessments] to any company that wants to increase the probability of putting the right person in the right job."



Employment Testing Clients (AT&T)"It proved reliable and fool-proof."

What impressed me most about the results of [the] surveys was the fact that in every case, people come out where I expected them to.  It proved to be reliable and fool-proof.  I found it particularly interesting that the lower performers on my team were also the lower scores on the assessment."

Having the assessment and the accompanying coaching report gave us something concrete to focus on - Thanks!!"



Employment Testing Clients (ShopRite)"It Gives our managers important information that helps them distinguish between potential good and bad employees."

"We have used other honesty/integrity instruments before, but none have compared to the sophistication and depth that the Step One Survey feedback report provides."

"The Step One Survey is a quick, easy and accurate way for us to get information that ordinarily might take weeks to find out...The damage of hiring a poor performer is irreversible - theft, absenteeism, poor work ethic, lack of productivity and the mistreatment of customers."


Allen Samuels Mercedes-Benz

Employment Testing Clients (Mercedes-Benz)"I have living proof that your testing program works..."

"I was tremendously impressed with one person, and was ready to hire him.  Then I followed your advice and tested him.  He would have been a mistake...

Another gentleman did not display as commanding a presence as the first prospect, yet had an air of sincerity about him.  Your testing program showed him to be outstanding.  I hired [him], and the results are amazing."

"Without your testing, I would have relied on my own 'gut instincts' and would have made a terrible mistake..."

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