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The Profiles Performance Indicator™ will produce three reports (Management & Individual Reports).  To help you better understand how the Profiles Performance Indicator™ can help your business, we have provided Sample Reports for you to view or print.  Please note that you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader application installed on your system.  For help on obtaining this free software, click here.

Sample Reports

Performance Indicator Management Report

The individual's manager may use the results from the Management Report to augment other sources of work-related data about the individual.  The report will confirm or clarify the supervisor's impressions and alert them to new considerations about their subordinate's compatibility with the demands of their position.  It will also contain valuable information with respect to developing training programs.

Performance Indicator Personal Report

By utilizing the Individual Report, individuals can learn more about themselves, both their strengths and their weaknesses.  This report will help them identify and make full use of strengths, as well as develop an awareness of any area that could be limiting their full effectiveness.  This knowledge is important to them as they develop the strategies necessary to meet the demands and challenges of achieving success.

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