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...THE 80/20 Rule...

Beat the "80-20" Rule once and for all by selecting only those salespeople with the potential for extraordinary success

   Increase Sales and Profits

   Improve retention of sales people

   Build customer relations

   Get more sales per salesperson

It has long been accepted that 80 percent of all products are sold by just 20 percent of the sales people.  The so-called "80-20 Rule" is a challenge to all sales executives who strive to build exceptional sales organizations.  A tool has been developed for those who want to break with tradition and banish the 80-20 Rule forever.

Profiles Sales Assessment

The Profiles Sales Assessment is a blend of the Profile XT and the Profiles Sales Indicator(below).  It is an effective tool for building and developing a top-notch professional sales organization.  This comprehensive assessment is used for selecting, training, and coaching salespeople who become more productive and successful in order to achieve their sales goals.  Using the Profile Sales Assessment gives sales managers the power to lead and focus on the specific needs of each salesperson and strengthen their sales organizations.  Administered on the Internet, the Profile Sales Assessment is very easy to use.  Detailed reports are instantly available and written in sales department jargon that is easily understood by salespeople.  View Specification Sheet.

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Profiles Sales Indicator™


The Profiles Sales Indicator TM , is an assessment that measures the essential qualities of sales people.  View Specification Sheet.

When people make an honest effort to do a good job and fail, it is usually because they were in jobs that they did not fit.  Matching people with the work they do is our primary mission and an analysis of people working in sales shows that over half of them are miscast.  They lack the basic qualities required for success in sales and should be doing something else for a living.  Of those remaining, half could succeed in sales, but at the moment, they are selling the wrong product or service.  That leaves 20 to 30 percent of the sales people who are in the jobs they fit.  These are the people who sell about 80 percent of the world's products and services.

This suggests that about half of the people in sales should never have been hired for sales jobs in the first place and another 25 percent should have been hired to sell something else.  Thus, the typical employer may be making three hiring mistakes for each correct one.  Obviously, the best place to attack the 80-20 Rule is in the hiring process.

When hiring salespeople, the objective is to hire only those who have the characteristics of the top 25 percent.  The challenge is to find an instrument that can assess those characteristics with a high degree of accuracy.  The Profiles Sales Indicator TM is the solution.

Qualities That Matter:

 The Profiles Sales Indicator ™ is an employee evaluation assessment used for employment screening of sales skills and sales effectiveness.  It provides a means of selecting people who have the five key qualities that make salespeople successful:

   Competitiveness - Persuasive, Confident, Assertive

   Self-reliance - Independent, Individualistic

   Persistence - Persevering, Unwavering, Emotionally Tough

   Energy - High Endurance, Spontaneous, Fast Paced

   Sales Drive - Success Oriented, Internally Driven, Outcome Focused

It also predicts on-the-job performance in seven critical sales behaviors:


   Closing Sales

   Call Reluctance



   Building and Maintaining Relationships

   Compensation Preference

The Profiles Sales Indicator TM can be customized by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors.  Empirical data can be used to develop a pattern that will tell you how well a job candidate matches your successful salespeople.

It is easy to use and can be taken in just 15-20 minutes.  The reports are clear, readable, direct and to the point.  These reports can be used for employee selection, employee evaluation, managing, and training salespeople more effectively.  This tool provides data for developing more effective sales teams.  You can use the Profiles Sales Indicator TM on the Internet.

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