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Survey For Integrity & Work Ethic Before You Hire!

Hire People Who Are Honest, Dependable, Hard-Working and Drug-Free

Employment Testing Step One Survey II

The Goal

The Step One Survey II™ is a pre employment structured interview that gathers essential information about a job candidate's history of risky workplace behavior, use of drugs and alcohol, misuse of company resources, email and Internet abuse, trust with the company's proprietary information and confidential data, and other factors an employer ought to know before making a job offer.  The survey also examines attitudes regarding integrity, personal responsibility, drug use and work ethic.  Results are presented in a straightforward, unambiguous report that also suggests probing interview questions to help identify the best candidates.  Avoiding hiring mistakes is good business!   View Specification Sheet.

Four Critical Areas

Step One Survey II™ provides the information an employer needs to know about a job applicant's attitude in four critical areas:

   INTEGRITY - Can the applicant be trusted?

   SUBSTANCE ABUSE - Is the applicant drug-free?

   RELIABILITY - Is the applicant dependable?

   WORK ETHIC - Will the applicant be a long term, hard working employee?

The Problem

It's a startling fact - Employee theft and fraud averages $9.00 per day per employee!  That's about $2,000 per employee subtracted from your bottom line every year.  And while all employees have opportunities to steal, an employer's risk increases as people advance to upper levels of responsibility.  High ranking executives have been known to embezzle tens of thousands - even millions of dollars.  Could there be a better reason for striving to hire people of your trust?

Dishonesty is a workplace reality - The results of employee surveys reflect the reality of your applicant pool.

   56% of working people admit they have lied to their supervisors.

   41% say they have falsified records.

   64% admit using the Internet for personal reasons during working hours.

   35% have stolen from their employers, by their own admission.

   31% abuse drugs or alcohol.

And those who studied the problem say about 80% of computer crime is committed by "insiders" at an estimated annual cost of from $100 million to as much as $1 billion.

Is it any wonder and estimated 36,000 companies are "stolen out of business" every year by their employees?

The Solution

   Step One Survey II- It's easy to use!

   Step One Survey II™ just minutes to take and score. No delays when making a quick decision is important.

   Step One Survey II™ includes a structured interview that asks essential questions that should be asked - but are often overlooked.

Applicants complete the survey, which is scored on the Internet.  In minutes, you have a printed comprehensive report to alert you if applicants admit critical behaviors or express attitudes you might question.  Results are available to decision makers regardless of their geographic location.  The SOS II fits easily into your current hiring process.

Eliminate These Profit-Stealing Activities!




   Job hopping

   Having another employee punch in or out for them

   Taking home office supplies and other company property

   Unauthorized use of the Internet

   Using company email for personal use

   Disclosing private and restricted computer data

   Revealing confidential information and/or trade secrets to outsiders

   Leaving work early

   Calling in "sick" to take an unauthorized day off

   Inventory shrinkage



Saves Money And Reduces Problems

Our clients report that using the Step One Survey II™ significantly reduces the cost of drug testing and cuts the problems caused by absenteeism and tardiness.  Step One Survey II belongs in every company's standard hiring process for every position.  It can make the difference between a thriving, profitable business and one that continually teeters on the brink of failure.  The Step One Survey II is good cost-effective business protection.

Click and download a Step One Survey Sample Reports

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