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Managerial Fit Solutions

Actionable Information for Every Employee on Your Staff

The quality of the relationship between manager (executive, director, supervisor, team leader) and employee significantly impacts employee performance.  Managers and employees who understand each other's style are highly productive and engaged.  However, managers who are "out of sync" with their employees often cause low productivity, dwindling morale and high employee turnover.

  A significant factor that drives employee engagement and productivity is their relationship with their boss.

  Research consistently shows the primary reason employees leave a company is because of conflict with their manager.

The more a manager understands an employee, the more effective they can be.  Profiles Managerial Fit is a valuable management tool that combines insight into the unique working characteristics that can impact the employee/manager relationship, along with actionable information on how the employee and manager can best work together.

  Understand differences in working styles between managers and employees.

  Receive specific guidance on how the manager and employee interact to:

  Increased productivity

  Improve communications between manager and employee

  Identify and avoid potential management conflicts

  Resolve ineffective working relationships

Profiles Managerial Fit provides insight into 7 key characteristics that define the relationship between an employee and their manager.  These characteristics include:

●  Self-assurance ●  Optimism ●  Approach
●  Self-reliance ●  Decisiveness      to learning
●  Conformity ●  Objectivity  

Create Management Strategies Tailored for Every Employee

Every Employee/manager relationship is unique and requires a different management strategy to achieve best results.  For example, the relationship and management strategies between a highly decisive boss and a highly decisive employee will be significantly different than the relationship than the relationship the boss has with a less decisive employee.  The decisive employee thrives on quick decisions, while the other will be more methodical in their decision making approach, potentially conflicting with the faster manager.  A "one size fits all" management approach used for both employees will likely result in frustration for everyone.

Profiles Managerial Fit solution allows managers to easily create a custom management strategy for every employee in their organization to develop a highly engaged and productive workforce.

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